You can buy a DIY Prefab Tiny House on Amazon and it’s cheaper than you think

I don’t mean to be controversial, but having a roof over your head shouldn’t cost you your life savings multiple times over. A new report shows that million-dollar homes have now become the norm, with cities being the most affected by rising house rates. It’s a political issue, but the consequences ripple across all fields, especially the design field. We’ve seen a rise in micro-living and tiny homes over the past couple of years, as young people embrace the idea of less-is-more and accept living in cosier spaces as opposed to larger homes.

Prefab houses have easily become the hottest architectural trend over the last decade, and here’s what we love about them – they’re compact, easy to construct (almost like putting a massive puzzle together), often come with a fixed layout so you can choose exactly the kind of house you want up-front, and here’s the kicker, you can even buy them on Amazon! This 2-storey prefab home can be bought online and will deliver right to your address. It comes with a multipurpose lobby, a living room, a quaint bedroom on the first floor with ample natural lighting, an attached balcony, and a tiny parking space underneath. From the looks of it, there’s no bathroom integrated into the layout, but that’s where you have the freedom to play with spaces and add a small loo of your own wherever you please. The entire home costs about as much as 3-4 months of average New York rent, which is practically a fraction of what a brick-and-mortar home would cost in today’s market. There are, however, some minor caveats.

Designer: Anovoal

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It’s easy to add a house to your cart on Amazon, but what you get is still just a glorified IKEA version of a house. Prefab homes need a LOT of work, they need land which you’ll probably have to own or lease out (although it’s a lot cheaper than an entire house), they need to be constructed (although prefab homes are much easier to put together over a period of a few hours or days), they need to have utilities like electricity and water (and Wi-fi), and they need to be furnished. The good part, however, is that all of this can sometimes still be cheaper than actually owning a house that’s roughly the same square footage.

Unlike most matchbox apartments you’d get in urban spaces for this price, the Anovoal 40Ft. Modern Home is quite quaint. The two-story house gives you 2-and-a-half rooms that you can divide and segregate as you please, with an airy balcony for plants, a small jacuzzi tub, or anything that grabs your fancy. Large windows and skylights mean you get loads of sunlight during the day, practically negating the need for any lights before sunset. Place the house anywhere and you can pretty much treat yourself to any sort of view – whether you want your bedroom facing the sunrise or sunset is entirely up to you. The house uses strong and sturdy construction materials to come together, with a reinforced steel frame, panel walls and floors, and secure doors and windows. Setting the house up is less energy-intensive, making it much more viable than actual concrete construction, and the best part, the house is designed to be disassembled too, so you could shift locations after a year or two.

The best part about the Anovoal prefab home is that it can be treated as a module, allowing you to join multiple homes together to create an even larger one. The homes can stack up in any direction, giving you the layout you choose while also allowing you to have multiple bedrooms, a bigger living room, a workspace, and probably an open kitchen too.

Currently, the Anovoal tiny home is one of many on the e-retail platform with a price of just under 12 grand for one 2-story unit. Each unit comes with a 1-year warranty, along with online after-sales services just in case you need help with the house. The house can be styled/upgraded/moduled in a variety of ways, giving you the freedom that you probably wouldn’t get with other apartment homes. You can turn your tiny home into a smart one using IoT devices, probably transform one of those cabins into a garage or shed, and heck, even add an elevator if you want.

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