iKnow, we all waiting in anticipation for something spectacular to come forth and the iWatch rumors are pretty strong. So if we were to indulge in fantasy for a minute, then this is how Esben Oxholm thinks the Apple team would design the phone/watch. Heavily inspired by the look of the iPhone 5 and sporting a minimalistic, sleek look, the watch is crafted with black aluminum on the outside and a thin layer of soft matte rubber on the inside.

It has got the highly recognizable round home button as the only physical button. The rest of the fun happens on the newly developed slightly double curved touch screen. The iWatch can be fitted to your liking, by removing or adding spacers in the lower part of the bendy bracelet.

Designer: Esben Oxholm


  • desoo says:

    Looks like this armrings for girls… I cant imagine a MAN is wearing such an apple watch. But girls only

  • Coutch says:

    Not by a long shot!

    The difference between Apple design & a quote “Designer” unquote is the inherent usability of Apple Products.. This looks pretty in a photo, or on a tabletop, even in a designer’s portfolio, but would flop around on everyone’s wrist & limit it’s purchasers to a one size fits all, whereas if they build it, Apple will take that most important requirement of something that one wears, to make it fit, then build a iDevice around that perimeter.. This design does it backwards……..

  • Esben Oxholm says:

    Thanks for your comment… And I agree. Originally I called it iWatch Design Concept, but yanko eventually have decided to edit “design concept” out.

    I want to underline that this is a design concept and not a final product propose. Not even close. It’s a design exploration of what could look nice.

    In a development process it could be a design to aim at, and together with function concepts, usability studies and thoughts about materials and production processes, be incrementally improved.

    I think it’s a good thing early in a development process to have these design concepts, where only the visual appearance has been given thought to. Likewise it’s just as important to have functional and usability concepts, where no visuals aspects has been taken care of, running parallel.

    When that’s said, there actually is a chance, that this kind of fitting works. The Nike fuel band uses the concept of removing and adding spacers. I haven’t tried it, so can’t tell you if it’s working well or not. In this iWatch, it’s just a concept.

    Best regards
    Esben Oxholm

  • Isn’t a bit over the top to place a quote and unquote when you alreay type ” ” ?

  • RED-DOLPHIN says:

    Great design … again !
    I see now that you include new rumors of the flexible display (I guess it makes sense). Do you mind if we include this concept in our iWatch discussion forum in http://www.red-dolphin.com ?
    PS: I will try to watermark images to give credit to original web site

  • Tonya Jessup says:

    How much will it cost..

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  • todo aqui says:

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  • MrAhong says:

    halo, saya dari indonesia. sangat menarik ulasannya. tapi saya tak yakin ingin membelinya karena kembali lagi sesuai kebutuhan kita


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