Otherworldly-Looking Origami-Inspired Lighting Fixture Seems To Suspend Mid-Air

Lighting designs today are truly innovative and unique, I mean you find all kinds of cool lighting designs out there! Today designers are creating unique, functional, and powerful pieces that not only light up a living space but also add an extra oomph factor! These lighting designs not only help you see in the dark, but they also function as an attractive and visually appealing piece. And, one such lighting design is Sora Light by Fung + Bedford for Frandsen.

Designer: Fung + Bedford for Frandsen

Designed by UK-based design duo Fung + Bedford, this statement light for the Danish brand Frandsen is inspired by the Japanese art of origami. As you look at it, you can see how widely and generously it has drawn on art the of origami. Called the Sora pendant light, it features a horizontal form and is artfully suspended between two cords, and flanked by wing-like intrusions, which gives the impression that it is floating in mid-air.

An LED strip light is embedded inside the bottom of the fixture, which allows it to radiate a soft and warm light. The subtle glow seems to spread across the lamp’s structure, which is crafted from tyvek – a paper-like and synthetic material produced from compressed fibers. Tyvek has been utilized since it is waterproof and features tear-proof characteristics. It is also a 100 percent recyclable material, according to the designers.

“A sculptural statement piece which appears to levitate in its surroundings, Sora exudes a serene, radiant aura whilst transcending the boundaries of traditional lighting design,” said Frandsen. And Sora truly has an almost other-worldly and ethereal look to it. It seems to suspend from the air, giving it a charming and floating quality. It can add an extra oomph factor, and loads of muted elegance to a living space, or even a commercial office space if you’re feeling experimenting.