Super Inline Skates

Inline skating has its merits as a true competitive sport but what’s the next step? What’s the next level? Designer Tay Kian Khuan believes it’s his 720 Skates. Designed for pro competitions, they may look like any other inline skates but the wheels are set on independently rotating gears instead of an inline track. With this added feature, the skater gains the ability to spin 360º in place and skate sideways. Now you can imagine the kind of tricks one could pull off in these.

Designer: Tay Kian Khuan


  • Weatherman says:

    Pretty clever, but how are people going to slow down?

    • Noah says:

      They don’t, Muahahah!

    • john tay says:

      you will know how to slow down if you know how to skate, rotation of wheels to be control by foot thumb inside ( like a brake but operate with foot thumb)

  • Mike says:

    Those 720s look nice, but I’m holding out for the 1080p’s.

  • huub says:

    I wanne test these things!
    looks like a fun and nice moment in or sport!

    i really wanne test these things!!
    contact me any time! ;o)

  • jean says:

    how do you go forward?

    • asif says:

      just place your foot in an upright position and give force to thigh you will start rooling and do the same to your other foot continuously thats all

      • Taffer says:

        Skates require rigidity in the blades in order to push off. If the wheels turn freely, there is no way to generate forward motion. Same reason sailboats have keels.

  • Yelle says:

    This might be a good idear, but I’am sorry, I don’t get how it works !!! do the “wheels holders” turn when you press on the front thing, or are they totaly uncontrolable ???? I’ll be glad to hear something about.
    And it seems that a lot of tricks (sliding on the soulplate, for those who might know) are now impossible to do.
    For the look, I don’t really think it correspond to what skaters are looking for. But that’s just a personnal opinion.

  • edel says:

    they’re really REALLY ugly. The mechanics on the wheels are amazing though. Really cool idea! I’d love to see some concrete dare devils go nuts in these!! Let Marc Ecko or Burton(snow boards) design them and you’ll be good to go.

  • Jun says:

    How do you stop???
    I skate and all but if you can go side ways… like i said ,,, how do you stop?

  • Chung Dha says:

    I doubt this is a safe solutions because they would bit like shopping trolleys which go out of control easily. Also the wheels could block when going sideways and and it is more hazardous then normal inlineskates

  • Karatsuke says:

    How much it cost…?

  • Karatsuke says:

    How much it cost…?

  • chmario says:

    Tay Kian Khuan Have you ever sakte for real?

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