Enchanting glass bubble lamp peeks from surfaces like a playful fairy

We all need a little magic in our lives, whether it’s a truly life-changing event or a simple scene or object that pulls the corners of our mouths up into a smile. We don’t have to go around looking for magical things, especially when we can more easily just bring them into our homes and into our lives. Of course, we’re talking about furniture, accessories, and designs that add something special to our spaces with their enchanting designs that tickle the mind and spark one’s imagination. This lamp, for example, made of metal and glass, combines two contrasting materials to create a design that evokes feelings of fun, wonder, and playfulness that you get when playing with seemingly magical bubbles.

Designer: Youngeun Seo

There are very few things in nature that have the innate ability to bring out our inner children, things like snowflakes, butterflies, and bubbles. A common trait among these things is their ephemeral lives, appearing and bringing joy one moment and then disappearing forever the next. It’s like they pop in and out of existence, like a curious little fairy that briefly appears to look around the human world before suddenly vanishing without a trace.

PEEKA is a table lamp that tries to recreate that feeling every time you look at it. Its main structure is an uneven glass sphere that might remind one of a bubble, one that gently floats to the ground and settles for a few seconds before suddenly popping, often causing surprise and a burst of giggles from children. The glass, which transitions from murky bottom to clear top, diffuses the bulb’s light inside while also adding specular reflections that give the bubble a magical appearance.

The lamp is set on a cast aluminum base in the shape of a very thin disc. It serves as the “ground” on which the bubble rests, its dark and cold surface contrasting with the warmth of the glass. The composition is also meant to capture the image of a fairy popping its head out of the ground to explore the human world, another playful picture that’s sure to bring a smile to anyone imagining it.

Aside from its unique associations, PEEKA is also a work of art and craftsmanship. The blown glass and cast aluminum are carefully made and polished by hand, resulting in minute imperfections that actually add to the design’s charm. The contrasting glass and metal materials also result in a striking combination that adds beauty and, in a way, magic to any room the lamp stays in.