Candle Bravit – What Path Will It Take by Christoph Van Bommel

An extremely flat design, creates an elegant translucency and reveals its inner wick structure that defines the path through which the fire will travel. This wick structure creates excitement and completely draws attention to the candle.

Will it burn What will be its path What will be left once the structure is gone

The inspiration for the design comes from the molecular structure of cholesterol, which is then figuratively burned away in front of the spectator. In a restaurant scenario, while appetizers are being enjoyed, the candle is lit. It is active and splits up into multiple flames. Later, as the main course is served, the candle slows down and burns with a calmer, dim light. After this more tranquil period, it begins to become active again, before burning out at the end of the evening.

The candle is made out of only two materials. The thin candle slice and its base are made of paraffin wax, the visible wick structure of pure cotton. The composition of the candle is made to burn for a one long dinner up to 4 to 5 hours.

Designer: Christoph Van Bommel