Lights From On High

Hey ther nighttime, how you livin? It’s all dark and whatnot. How are you going to read signs when your out there? You’re totally drunk! I’ve got the solution for you right here. Lights at night, nightlights. This project goes by the name of “Intersection Signalétique.” It’s pretty! Lights from up in the sky, down to the street, up into your eyeballs. As advertisement, as direction, as decoration.

This is a system for the world to show pedestrians the way in their everyday nighttime. This light system is currently placed on the intersection between two major streets in Montreal. The current system, still an experimental prototype, was made up of several projectors suspended from towers, synchronized with the traffic light system already in place. It projects lights on the crosswalks, notifying the passers through of when it’s safe to cross. That and some ads for nearby events while waiting.

This project is part of the Quartier des spectacles Lighting Plan: and is described by the designers as “a unique way to show visitors the ebullient cultural activity in the Quartier des spectacles, right on the neighbourhood’s main drag of Sainte-Catherine Street.”

Designer: Quartier Des Spectacles



Intersection Signalétique lights shining on the sidewalk and street as billboards by Quartier Des Spectacles