Things Aren’t Always What They Seem


Imagine if you will, living in a place where there is not much lighting, where the sounds of the city are far off in the distance. Or maybe you have a dimly lit park around your home and you would love to go for a night walk, but because of the lack of lighting you don’t feel very safe, or the ambience might not be soothing enough for you.

Welcome Vicarious. Designers Kemal S Yilmaz and Emre Sagir developed this idea to create an Eco-friendly service to all of us. Vicarious is a product that works off of solar power. During the day, the plantlike lighting absorbs the sunlight to provide light at night.

Alongside the Vicarious App, ground conditions, plants and energy can all be controlled through the Vicarious lighting. Not only does this lighting look like plants, they also sway in the wind as real live plants do, creating not only a beautiful night mood, but also a soothing view in the day time as well, not to mention they are beneficial for the environment.

Designers: Kemal Sahin Yilmaz & Emre Sagor