Watch-inspired smart suitcase concept is made for frequent travelers

Some people might have fantasies of traveling frequently as part of their job, not realizing how tiring and tedious it can quickly become. Never mind the fatigue that actually comes from traveling, the stress of packing and wrestling with suitcases might be enough to make many people cry out in frustration. There are many ways to ease the pain when traveling regularly, and part of the strategy is having a well-designed and reliable bag or suitcase to store everything you need, especially for a one-day trip. That’s the kind of need that this concept design tries to address, and it’s taking inspiration from one of the most popular makers of watches, calculators, and electronic pianos.

Designer: Harshita Kaur

Casio’s brand spans multiple products, including musical instruments, calculators, and both analog and digital watches. The latter category has become iconic of Casio’s design language, particularly with its geometrical forms and overlapping shapes. It’s a language that is applied to this suitcase concept that tries to offer a smarter way for frequent travelers to secure their belongings for one-day business trips.

This business-minded purpose is easily seen through many of the tech-savvy features that the AeroEase concept proposes. For example, the front pocket is a laptop sleeve that can be easily accessed with a push of a button. Security is provided by an NFC lock that can be accessed via a smartphone using biometrics like a fingerprint. There’s also a small display panel on top that shows critical travel information at a glance, including the weight of the suitcase.

The very shape of the suitcase itself is also quite eye-catching, eschewing traditional designs where the front half is often a single material piece. Instead, the front pocket looks like a distinct part that protrudes from the body of the suitcase, while the four corners of the suitcase have bumpers that take inspiration from Casio’s iconic G-SHOCK rugged watches.

While the AeroEase’s design is indeed quite distinctive, there might be some aspects that raise concerns, especially about the durability of such a suitcase. That display, for example, could break with impact, which isn’t uncommon in during rough rides. Those bumpers could also easily snag against other items in cabins or overhead storage, which could cause some issues for the owner or other travelers. With some refinement, these concerns could be addressed, hopefully offering a less stressful experience for working men and women who often find themselves on long overnight travels.