Deflated balloon chair is an interesting piece of furniture

One of the most comfortable places that I like to lounge in when I’m just reading or scrolling through my mobile device is a bean bag. Sometimes however, because it’s too comfortable or too deflated, I tend to just sink into it without concern for my posture or my position. That’s not always a bad thing of course especially if I’m just relaxing. But sometimes I need to work on something or I should be more mindful of how I sit and the design of most bean bags aren’t conducive for that.

Designer: Andrea Casagrande

This design for a bean bag-like chair called Balloon seems to both be comfortable and ergonomic in a sense that it supports your body. The main concept for it is also pretty interesting as it resembles a deflated balloon. The seat being the main balloon part only deflated and the back part that supports your back, arms, and head representing the bottom part of the balloon including the stem and knot, but again, it’s deflated.

The fabric upholstery used in the chair also replicates the texture of a balloon but hopefully it’s not as slippery as most balloons. It is also lightweight enough that you can easily drag it to different parts of the room unlike with regular bean bags or even regular chairs that can sometimes be too heavy. It comes in different pastel colors as well including blue, pink, green, and orange. They want you to have the sense of “floating” but also it is capable of holding you upright if you need to be.

If no one’s sitting in the Balloon chair, it may look like a ghost that’s sitting on the floor so if you’re a scaredy cat and it’s dark, then it can give you a fright. But it’s an interesting shape for a chair and can be a conversational piece in your living space.