Razer Cthulhu gaming chair is something you might wish wasn’t just a joke

Forget about those invisible and impersonal AIs that are supposed to help you at work by composing e-mails, generating images, or even drafting a whole document for you. What you really need is an AI that will take care of your bodily needs while using the computer, whether it’s for crunch time in the office or, more likely, grinding experience points in games. At least that’s the foundation of Razer’s latest genius gaming accessory, a chair that knows your needs and literally gives you a hand, or a claw rather, so you don’t have to stand up for a bite or a drink or even a shave. Yes, this mythical chair is obviously an April Fool’s joke, but it’s an idea that could very well foreshadow the future that is both exciting and terrifying as its name suggests.

Designer: Razer

Named after the eldritch god but looking more like a Doctor Octopus arsenal, the Razer Cthulhu is a gaming chair that literally has a mind of its own, in addition to its six flexible tentacle-like arms each with a three-finger claw for the hand. The idea is pretty simple, really, and is exactly what it looks like. Just like the robotic appendages of the comic book villain, these arms act as an extension of the user’s own arms, performing extra work that frees up the person to do what they enjoy and do best: play a game.

What this “work” entails really depends on what the chair’s AI would learn from your habits and needs. It could be as simple as holding your drink or assisting you with eating, or it could be as complicated as giving you a massage or even shaving your facial hair. At some point, it could even start playing your game for you, allowing you to play a second game on a different device, like a phone or handheld console, without missing a beat.

Of course, it’s literally impossible to accomplish all these today even with the most advanced AI, especially actions that require precision and dexterity. You could even say it’s a tongue-in-cheek commentary on how we’re becoming too dependent on AI, putting our eggs, and our livelihood, all in one basket. That’s not to say it’s not a tempting idea for the future, at least within moderation. With human life and work becoming more complex, it’s not surprising that people will start wanting to offload some of the more mundane tasks to robots and AI.

Computer chairs are becoming more sophisticated, offering features that span ergonomics and convenience from different angles. There are even some that are like a whole encapsulated space for gaming and entertainment, so a chair with AI features won’t be that far from reality. We can only hope that designs will be more on the conservative and reasonable side rather than outfitting the chair with everything, including a kitchen sink, that would make use feel less human and more like cogs in a machine instead.