Two Wooden Curves

Here we’ve got two projects, a chair, and a door, both made by “FORMBOTEN.” They might seem disparate, but they’re hella the same. They’re both super excellent. They’re both made to make your life more interesting. They’re both made with molded wood. Not THAT kind of molded, I mean shaped, turned into curves. There’s a door that’s got all your pockets, then there’s a stackable chair that’s got your butt.

The duo that designed these fine products is called FORMBOTEN. One of the designers in this duo’s name is Patrick Decker, whom you might remember from way back in ’09 in the post “Get a Vague Idea of How Fat You Are.” and in the post nDoo Supplementary Immune Gadget by Patrick Gunther – note the different name, that was before he was married and changed it to Decker! Now for something completely different:

The chair! It’s the “Cut & Paste-Chair.” Weather resistant, made of molded wood, three different color/patterns – the wood, the white, and that amazing mustardly yellow. Outdoor versatility! Plywood with a high-gloss coated seat and backrest, connected by a compound element.

The door! Not just any door, this is “Adore.” Stow away any of your papers or similar such stuff, all the things you need on your way in or out of the door (think newspaper, dog leash, keys, garage door opener.) Both clamps and simple bump-like protrusions, all in a modular system. BONUS BONUS also now, not only is the Adore system a door, it’s also a floor lamp and a sideboard. Love it!

Want! Want oh want!