Adorable LEGO Feng Shui Fortune Cat can wave its hands to give you good luck!

In Feng Shui, the lucky cat, also known as the maneki-neko or fortune cat, is a Japanese figurine that represents good luck, wealth, and prosperity. The figurine depicts a cat, usually a calico Japanese Bobtail, with a raised paw in a beckoning gesture. LEGO builder ‘2PPL’ decided to give this cultural icon its own brick build. Meet the LEGO Ideas Maneki Neko, an adorable sitting cat that waves its hands at you, practically giving you blessings for a more prosperous life!

Designer: 2PPL

“Distinctive features of the Maneki Neko include the raised paw, which can be either right or left depending on local tradition or belief, and it often wears a decorative collar or necklace with a bell,” says 2PPL. “The color of the Maneki Neko also has symbolic meanings: white is associated with purity and happiness, black wards off evil, gold symbolizes wealth and success, and red is linked to love and relationships.”

Although it’s entirely unclear how the Maneki Neko waves its hands, it’s likely to rely on a mechanism similar to the one found in the original. The original Maneki Neko uses an electromagnetic coil and a pendulum-style mechanism powered by a battery – it isn’t inconceivable that this LEGO one does so too, although making the mechanism out of LEGO bricks may be a bit challenging.

However, with over 2,300 supporters, the Maneki Neko is surely prospering on the LEGO Ideas forum, where fellow LEGO builders and enthusiasts gather to vote for their favorite fan-made creations. If a creation reaches the coveted 10,000 vote threshold, it’s sent to the LEGO internal team for review, following which it gets turned into a buyable box set. The LEGO Ideas Maneki Neko definitely has a long way to go till it gets to that mark, but if you do fancy a perpetually waving LEGO feline, head down to the LEGO Ideas website to vote for this project!