This chic self-watering planter uses a porous terracotta inner vessel to absorb water and hydrate the soil

The A-Pot displays elegance not just in execution but in thinking too. The simple two-piece self-watering planter uses an outer vessel made from glass, so you can see the water level, and an inner vessel made from terracotta, to place your soil and plant in. The way the self-watering mechanism then works is rather simple. Instead of the soil or a wicking medium pulling water towards the roots (so you don’t need to manually pour water on the plant every few days), the inner terracotta vessel does the job, thanks to its porous structure. Simply placing the terracotta vessel in water allows it to absorb the water and hydrate the soil inside. Using osmosis, the terracotta vessel only pulls as much water as the soil needs, and the result is an incredibly elegant little planter that autonomously waters the plant within while looking beautiful enough to keep in any part of your home!

The A-Pot is a winner of the Red Dot Design Concept Award for the year 2021.

Designer: Zonesum for Dowan