Miesian Rocking

Over the years we have been fascinated by the alternate takes on Mies Van der Rohe’s Barcelona Chair. It never gets old, although it’s sometimes overused. It’s been too often “softened” by professional furniture designers who create safe versions for safe modern interiors. These we ignore. We are interested in the non-safe iterations.

Take the Bitch Lounge by Tom Sachs (offered for sale in issue #7 of Nest Magazine): similar proportions, but only a few inches off the floor, perfect for nude reclining (you’ll have to open your own issue of Nest to understand that reference).

Another iteration is the ICA Rocker, available at Opulent Items (yes that is their real name). It’s got a very right-now feel to it, but it’s also enough of its own creature to have historical staying power the way the Barcelona Chair has. It has a quilted leather seat, polished stainless steel rockers, and a molded plywood back available in a variety of woods.

Buy it Here: Opulent Items