Meet the wall-mounted modular organizing system that’s even more flexible than IKEA’s pegboards

There was a Seinfeld episode from back in the day where Jerry’s date (a wardrobe designer) proposed a radical idea for Jerry’s closet. Instead of shelves and rods, what if the entire closet was just hooks? Hundreds of hooks everywhere for you to hang all your clothes on – a radical concept when it comes to fashion, but practically speaking, just a wardrobe version of the popular pegboard. Pegboards gained popularity in the DIY community for people who wanted to mount their workshop tools on one vertical surface, having them accessible just when you needed them. The clever idea soon was converted into something more home-friendly by IKEA with their own version, named SKÅDIS. However, IKEA’s pegboard still had limitations – you could only use products from the IKEA ecosystem with the SKÅDIS, but moreover, the SKÅDIS wasn’t designed for every possible use-case. That’s where Wallwerx comes in. Wallwerks presents a pegboard-based system that can be used for pretty much everything, from holding workshop tools to jars of M&Ms. It’s modular, flexible, easy to use, and the best part, you don’t even need a pegboard – the Wallwerx attachments can even mount right into any wall. Use it in your kitchen, garage, living room, study, or even in the bathroom – if you need vertical storage, Wallwerx pretty much has you covered.

Designer: Mark Zalme

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Whether you’re a DIY enthusiast, a crafting maven, a culinary whiz, or a gaming aficionado, Wallwerx seamlessly integrates into your space. It was created by Mark Zalme, a DIY aficionado who found himself getting increasingly frustrated with not having his tools accessible while working in his garage. Realizing that pegboards were great but had their limitations, Zalme designed Wallwerx, a series of pegboard-compatible attachments designed to hold pretty much every object under the sun. What’s more? Unlike traditional pegboard attachments, the Wallwerx system is strong and secure, ensuring items stay put, yet can be easily relocated if desired. The best part, they worked with standard pegboards, but even if you didn’t have one, you could simply attach Wallwerx to any regular wall or drywall. Wallwerx brought a certain Seinfeld-level radical thinking to all types of storage, allowing you to turn practically any vertical surface into a storage area.

From the pantry + kitchen…

To the workspace!

Use it in your gameroom.

And your creative space.

Wallwerx can be split into its two crucial parts – a baseplate that plugs onto pegboards or attaches onto walls, and a series of attachments that mount onto the baseplate, giving you hooks/hangers/clips to store practically anything you need. Installing Wallwerx is a breeze, requiring just two simple steps. Attach the baseplate to your desired surface, twist on your preferred attachments, and voilà – your personalized organization system is ready to go. The Wallwerx baseplate is a cleverly designed little gizmo that plugs into standard pegboards, but even has the option of being drilled into concrete walls or drywalls. Once the baseplate’s been installed, simply twist on or off the attachment of your choice.

*Pegboard not required for assembly. Baseplates can be drilled into any wall or door. Just twist and remove the attachment, then relocate it to any baseplate.

The attachments are where Wallwerx’s flexibility gets put on display. Most traditional pegboards only let you hook stuff onto the pegboard’s perforations. Wallwerx comes with a series of storage attachments that make it perfect for the garage, workshop, closet, or even the kitchen. Hooks let you hang or rest objects, while looped holders give you the ability to secure other items. Wallwerx also offers a set of clips that let you plug in 4oz, 8oz, and 16oz jars, allowing you to store food like dry pasta/candy/spices, stationery like pencils/pens or tiny bits and bobs like screws/dowels/bolts. This flexibility makes Wallwerx perfect for pretty much any kind of room… and the fact that you can simply unplug an attachment means endless upgradability, modularity, and flexibility.

Wallwerx is designed and manufactured in the US using high-strength plastic that’s durable enough to hold all sorts of equipment. Given that pegboards are most commonly found in garages and workshops, the plastic baseplate and attachments are designed to be sturdy, secure, and failproof. They’re also easy to clean, making them perfect for greasy garages or even kitchens where things can get a tad messy sometimes. Designed for a variety of uses, Wallwerx is conveniently bundled in different kits, and can be customized with à la carte attachments. The Home Kit, featuring 168 different elements, is perfect for organizing a workbench or craft table. The Werxshop kit, with 256 pieces, is ideal for bringing order to your garage or entire craft room. You can even grab yourself a metal pegboard, just in case IKEA’s plastic pegboards aren’t your style.

Click Here to Buy Now: $69 $119 ($50 off). Hurry, only 12/20 left!