ScanWatch 2 with temperature tracking tools has got your health covered courtesy an arsenal of precise metrics

In a world where smartwatches continue to push boundaries, the ScanWatch 2 emerges as a beacon of innovation at IFA 2023. Boasting continuous body temperature variation tracking with an extraordinary 30-day battery life, this smartwatch has your health and well-being covered around the clock.

The smartwatch not only tracks your workouts and sleep, it also keeps a vigilant eye on your body temperature throughout the day and night. The ScanWatch 2 serves as an early warning system, flagging unusual temperature fluctuations that may indicate the onset of an illness or a health condition. It’s like having a personal health detective on your wrist.

Designer: Withings

One of the most impressive aspects of the classy hybrid smartwatch, the ScanWatch 2, is its exceptional battery life. With a long-lasting rechargeable battery that can keep up with you for 30 days, you can confidently track your health without the constant worry of recharging.

For fitness enthusiasts, the ScanWatch 2 offers a unique advantage. In addition to monitoring and providing baseline temperatures, that could be indicative of an illness onset, the watch can manage performance and recovery through temperature variation zones during exercise. It therefore provides a complete health view, and helps the wearer avoid potential issues like heat exhaustion.

Equipped with advanced sensors and regulatory-compliant health metrics, the ScanWatch 2 also boasts a sleek design. Appearing in a choice of either a 38mm or 42mm case size, the watch is water-resistant up to 5ATM and runs HealthSense OS 3. The dial is topped with a grayscale OLED screen and durable sapphire glass, to ensure it can handle the rigors of daily life.

At the core of the ScanWatch 2’s capabilities is its heat-flux sensor, working in tandem with a temperature sensor, heart rate monitor, and accelerometer input calibration. Along with the array of such extensive health-tracking features, there are options for basic activities like sleep tracking, ECG, SpO2, and menstrual cycle tracking.

At a price tag of $349.95, the ScanWatch 2 delivers exceptional value for those seeking a cutting-edge hybrid smartwatch that goes beyond the ordinary.  Withings has also developed a low-key model of the ScanWatch dubbed the ScanWatch Light, which shaves off some features like the temperature-tracking, ECG, and SpO2 from the ScanWatch 2, to trim the pricing down by 100 bucks.