An axe, survival knife and folding saw rolled in this one multitool is the ultimate tool for survivalists

EDCs for the urban landscape are in plenty, but a multitool that’s designed for hardcore survivalists is a bit of a rarity. Meet the Combar FoldaXe Pro multitool crafted by Israeli startup Aclim8 to improve on their maiden attempt at creating a versatile set of tools for outdoor enthusiasts.

In fact, the makers are a team of ex-Israeli Special Forces operators who are well acquainted with the craft of survival in most extreme conditions. So, you can bet your bottom dollar on the 4-in-1 multitool consisting of a hatchet, hammer, survival knife and wood saw designed to get you through any tough situation. Even on leisure hikes or treks, it will be of great utility!

The Combar FoldaXe Pro weighs just 900 grams, shedding the weight as compared to the original Combar. It measures 15.75 inches long, ideal for carrying in your backpack. There’s the flip-out axe on one side that retracts into the handle when not in use, and the textured hammer on the other. This gives users plenty of meat to work around with when it comes to splitting apart tree barks or pounding down the tent stakes. The abrasive surface of the glass-reinforced polymer handle means a strong grip to deliver the force right where intended.

FoldaXe Pro 4-in-1 has a slide-out storage compartment in the hollow handle for keeping the extra tools like a stainless steel drop-point survival knife and a folding saw measuring 10-inches. Both these secondary tools can be taken out via the pop-out lid at the handle’s base. The slide-out magazine (like a secret compartment) in this section can be used to store other random items that you tend to keep and forget at times. For some reason, the spade housed in the swiveling head of the multitool is gone, and the only logical explanation is weight reduction and maintaining the compact aesthetics of the FoldaXe Pro.

The multitool crafted from aircraft hard-anodized aluminum and 420J2 stainless steel is not like other gimmicky EDCs that look good on paper but in real-life usage, they don’t fare that well. Safety is also paramount for Combar as the collapsible axe stays snug in place when folded thus making this $349 multitool a very useful accessory for survival in any given scenario.

Designer: Aclim8

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