Portable moka pot lets you get that espresso shot boost while traveling

When I travel to a new place, one of the things that I always want to try out are the local coffee places. However, not all places have really great original beans and not all coffee addict travelers would trust coffee shops especially if there are not a lot of recommended places. So I know some people who are picky with their caffeine fix who actually travel with all sorts of coffee paraphernalia. Of course this adds to their luggage so it’s not always that convenient. So having paraphernalia that’s handy and at the same time gives you that kick that you need is a must.

Designers: Vanshika Singhal and Yashi Jivnani

BrewPin is a portable coffee machine using the moka pot brewing method that was developed as a concept for coffee brand Bialetti. It is meant for those picky travelers that need to have their espresso shot when they want a caffeine boost and there isn’t any local coffee shop that would suit their taste or if there aren’t any coffee shops in general, like in the mountains or in rural areas. It looks like your typical portable coffee tool but it looks like it’s much easier to use.

The bottom part has a silicone cover with power coat and above it, you find the stainless steel water tank. There’s also a funnel filter and a coffee pod tank as well as a perforated plate where the moka magic happens. There’s a borosilicate glass on top where you pour your coffee in and a nozzle to pour the coffee from. Basically you just plug in the BrewPin, let the coffee brew your espresso shot and then flip it, twist off the cup, and enjoy your caffeine boost.

As someone who often complains that the hotel coffee is almost always no good, this can be a great tool to tide me over until I’m able to get to a proper coffee shop. The only downside to this is that you need to plug it in but if they’re able to create something that would harness energy from somewhere else to get that espresso shot, it would be perfect.