This indoor garden lets you grow up to thirty plants in the comfort of your home!

We all miss the farmer’s market– those Sunday mornings, spending hours outside sifting through bins of locally grown kale and ripe cherry tomatoes. With the ongoing pandemic, those mornings feel like eons ago. While being in packed spaces like outdoor farmer’s markets is still discouraged, designs like indoor gardens provide ways for us to stay indoors and still get our farm-fresh produce without rubbing elbows with strangers. Gardyn, is one indoor garden that allows users to grow up to 30 different kinds of plants, needing no more than two feet worth of space.

The automatic gardening device, Gardyn uses hydroponic technology and app-powered maintenance to grow an assortment of seeds handpicked by each user. The thirty chosen yCubes stocked with seeds easily slide into the slots that dot Gardyn’s frame and sprouts appear within only a few days through app-integrated maintenance. An accompanying app called Kelby, essentially tracks the health status of the plants that fill out Gardyn, including water and humidity levels, temperature, as well as LED light dispersion. Through two high-resolution cameras, Kelby analyzes each plant’s development and adjusts the system’s parameters to optimize plant growth. In only four to five weeks, users can dig into their first harvest.

Gardyn’s fully-autonomous gardening system comes equipped with a six-gallon water reservoir that contains all the nourishment necessary for plants to grow for weeks. The system’s trademarked hybriponic technology also recirculates that water, along with air and supplementary nutrients in a closed-loop for the system’s roots to remain nourished and also to reduce water consumption by 95% when compared to traditional watering methods. The entire Gardyn system– the yPods, the aluminum columns, and the water reservoir– are made of high-quality, FDA-compliant, 100% recyclable materials to ensure that your garden is growing as naturally as possible.

Designer: Gardyn Tech

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Requiring no more than two feet, Gardyn can fit into any kitchen or garage!

Gardyn’s simple, sophisticated design even fits into your living room.

From a wide array of available seeds, Gardyn can grow anything from wheatgrass to dill, along with cherry tomatoes and even strawberries.

The trademarked yPods are made with recyclable materials and don’t need to be washed before use.

Along with Gardyn’s integrated watering system, plant nutrients come with each indoor gardening device.

Kelby, Gardyn’s accompanying app automatically takes care of your plants by tracking their development with two high-resolution cameras.