This tiny self-watering planter lets you easily grow microgreens with no soil or effort

Small enough to fit in both your palms, the Patella Crescenda makes growing greens ridiculously easy and quick. The unique shape of the planter allows it to water itself so you don’t need to, and helps you grow seeds without any soil, yielding sprouts in just about a week. The Patella Crescenda is intuitive, fun to use, and is made to be reusable so you can have a constant supply of microgreens for your salads, canapes, and smoothies.

Designer: House of Thol

The Patella Crescenda comes together with just four simple parts – a base tray, two reusable steel seed plates, and a water bulb that fits on top. Fill the bulb with water and place it upturned into the base and an air vacuum inside helps deploy the water slowly, filling up the base tray. Two steel plates sit on top of the base tray, right above the water level. Cuts on these plates let you place clusters of seeds like pulses, legumes, grains, etc. and they begin growing on their own, with the roots descending downwards into the base trey through the cuts.

In just about a week, the microgreens are ready to harvest and can simply be cut with scissors, or pinched off the steel plates. The sprouts grow directly in water without any soil, so you don’t need to clean or rinse them. Garnish them over your food or chuck them in your smoothies. Microgreens are incredibly nutrient-dense compared to their seed/grain/legume counterparts, giving your dishes a fresh burst of color as well a lot of minerals and antioxidants.

The Patella Crescenda simplifies the art of growing microgreens by literally condensing it down into three steps – Add water, add seeds, and harvest. The compact design, coupled with that glass bulb of water gives your interior space a wonderful aesthetic touch, while allowing you to intuitively see how much water your planter has. The steel plates come with six grill-cuts, allowing you to grow a variety of microgreens at the same time in the same dish, and once you’ve reaped your sprouts, cleaning and resprouting a new batch of seeds gives you a fresh harvest in just about a week!