L’Oreal’s high-tech hair dryer will dry hair faster and use less electricity

How many people does it take to turn on an air dryer? It may sound like the beginning of a joke but actually this is a real question and the answer is around a hundred people make up the team that has created one of the most high-tech hair dryers. But there’s also a surprising twist with this team as it’s actually made of engineers and scientists that used to create drones. Your hair dryer will not fly in the sky but you’re getting something pretty high-tech.

Designer: Zuvi

The Airlight Pro was unveiled last month at the Consumer Electronic Show and is considered a “next-generation hair drying tool” that can be for professional hairdressers, stylists, and ordinary consumers at home. This was developed by L’Oréal in partnership with hardware startup Zuvi. The latter was created by drone engineers and scientists, most of whom came from technology company DJI, so you know that this is definitely a device that comes with good tech. It uses infrared-light technology and wind to have the hair dry faster and also use 31% less energy consumption.

The hair dryer uses a special 17-blade, high=speed motor, and patented infrared technology as well as tungsten-halogen bulbs so that you don’t use excessive heat when drying your hair. This also means that your hair is properly (or naturally) moisturized since the water is dried on the hair surface and the heat will not excessively dry it. Design-wise, it looks like a typical, high-tech hair dryer so there’s nothing really extra special there. But the fact that its technology can dry your hair quicker and still keep it shiny and smooth is the selling point.

The AirLight Pro has a small display in the handheld grip and can also be connected to an app so you can customize the settings depending on your hair type, length, and style. There isn’t a price tag announced yet although they may be looking at something below $400.