You can now barbeque on the cooktop of this multifunctional induction plate!

There are some of us who love food and want to cook some gourmet level stuff but are quickly intimidated by the complex instructions for using appliances. If you are trying to bake a dish that also requires you to sauté ingredients, it could be easy to mess up what level of heat should be used where. It is daunting, especially if you have just graduated from cooking pasta and want to move on to some grilled chicken! The need for a simpler appliance that makes cooking easier for beginners resulted in this conceptual multifunctional electric baking plate made by a student who probably wants to fill the gap she experiences herself!

The electric baking plate has a very modern and minimal design, unlike the usual bulky ovens or gas stoves. It has a black cooktop with a bordering aluminum finish which gives it an elegant aesthetic that will fit the interior theme of any kitchen. The cooktop also has markings to show the hot points and simple logos for the user to choose from three settings – warm, grill and fry. Another underrated feature that I love in modern kitchen appliances like this one is the digital display for the temperature – it really makes things easier and you don’t have to worry about the degree marks fading over time!

The temperature can be adjusted using the dials that seamlessly fit on the grey border and it also allows you to set two different temperatures for two halves of the cooktop – now you can fry some crispy bacon and make soft scrambled eggs at the same time – this is HUGE because one always gets cold while the other is done. This multifunctional electric baking plate also comes with modular attachments so you can attempt to do a Korean hot-pot or barbeque with your friends without investing in a separate appliance – truly a blessing!

Designer: Y 君