Lamborghini Countach LP400 replica flaunts intricate scissor doors and rear-view periscope mirror

The Lamborghini Countach LP400 was the first generation of its kind and way ahead of time in terms of design given it debuted way back in 1974. Those scissor doors and the rear-view periscope mirror that vanished into the roof, just like the periscope of a submarine captured the imagination of performance car lovers. Fast forward to the current day and Lambo is basking in the glory of the Revuelto plug-in hybrid supercar.

Amalgam Collection, a brand out of Bristol, UK, renowned for making the most detailed scale model replicas of famous four-wheelers like the Ferrari 296 GT3 sportscar has again caught our attention. This time they’ve created intricate 1:8 scale models of both the Revuelto and Countach LP400. Since we like things classic, so for now our focus is the nostalgic LP400 scale model that’s handmade to perfection with thousands of precisely engineered parts completing the build.

Designer: Amalgam Collection

As expected from the scale model builder, this fully-opening scale replica took almost 400 hours of the craftspeople’s time and skillful effort. The design took shape from the original CAD models and digital scan files provided. Further details were obtained from the thousands of pictures of the classic 4.0-liter V12-powered supercar. If we overlook the 250-400 hours of creating each of the scale model units, the initial time input to develop the tooling for vehicles that the maker has never before made alone takes a mind-boggling 2,500 – 4,000 hours!

According to Amalgam, the exterior and interior of the car will be accurately replicated to the last visible detail. These include the color of the seat stitching, brake calipers, steering wheel, speaker indents, manual shifter, license plates, and even the ashtray in the center console. Predictably, the front trunk has a spare tire and the headlights can be toggled between up and down position.

They further added that their long-term collaboration with Lamborghini  permits them full access to “the brand’s paint codes, color samples, and every personalized detail to ensure their model matches their full-size counterpart.”

There will be a limited number of 199 units of the scale model Countach LP400 in Giallo Fly yellow or Rosso red color options. This model is priced at approximately $19,900 for automotive collectors willing to pay any price for such intricate works of art. You could buy a real sedan for that price tag!