Experience True Van-Life Luxury with this Tailor-Made Camping Box for All Your Needs

Campervans have their own set of advantages, but it’s a fixed construction you cannot choose to part with when you want to use the vehicle for everyday street life. This shortcoming may have given birth to the idea of slide-in camping solutions that convert the vans into campers when the wilderness calls. Over the years, with the transforming needs of adventurers, these camping solutions have evolved so much so that a company in Austria has now designed a full-proof camping box to fit at the back of your vehicle and leave you wanting nothing more.

Built with the notion of bringing real-life luxury to the road, the CampBoks slide-in camping solution comprises a fully equipped slide-out kitchen, foldable bed, sliding dining with a cantilevered bench and table, outdoor shower, and an optional, portable toilet. With all these amenities, the CampBoks can transform any ordinary van into a capable camper for wherever your adventure may take you.

Designer: CampBoks

The comprehensive camping box slides onto the seat rails of, or can be fitted into, a range of vehicles such as the Ford Transit, VW Transporter, Mercedes V-Class, Renault Trafic and the like. The versatile Camboks kit, with all its versatility, adds some weight to the back of your vehicle: It weighs 140 kg, which is more than the ordinary options on the market. But the features you get with this one, I’m sure we won’t mind the extra few kilos.

The traditional camper slide-in can keep the weight in measure since they come with limited facilities such as a bed and perhaps a kitchen. The CamBoks adds to these customary features with outdoor dining, a compact work table, and a full-fledged kitchen and fits snugly in a midsize van.

The CampBoks is designed and manufactured entirely in Austria with three compartmentalizations. The driver-side section comprises a slide-out kitchen provided with a single-burner Primus gas stove, small worktable, 15-L refrigerator box, and sink with a faucet that using an attachment can double as an outdoor shower.  The compartment in the middle has a sliding table which is provided with two benches – sliding out – from the two main sections on either side of the table. In the passenger side section, CampBoks provides a slide-out with three Euroboxes you can use for bulk storage.

Toward the inside, you have a folding A-frame bed, which folds in to form a sofa on either side (toward the inside of the vehicle and the tailgate). By the night, it can lay flat to transform into a full-size bed for a couple. You get under-bed storage plus two 12-L fresh water canisters slipped in underneath. Alongside the comfy bed (useable in seating position as well) you get a side-mounted swivel table that can be your additional dining or work desk, depending on your mood and weather. With all its features and an additional option to include a dry separating toilet, the CampBoks starts at approximately $7,000.