Folding Magsafe wireless charger for iPhone 15 series fits in your pocket

Getting an iPhone 15 series smartphone brings with it the need to get those new-age accessories that make life a tad easier. A good example is the wireless charger that gets rid of any wire clutter and the freedom to charge multiple Apple devices at once. You have the option to choose from Apple’s inventory or go for the more modesty-priced, yet time-tested options from Belkin or Anker.

Also, you have the lure to choose from not-so-popular third-party Apple accessories makers who bring the latest in technology but are not 100 percent foolproof in their implementation of multi-device charging capabilities. This holds true, especially when you go beyond anything capable of charging two devices at once. 3-in-1 Magsafe wireless chargers to be precise.

Designer: 苦 口

Add to the mix of options the ability to completely fold down your Magsafe wireless charger and you’ve got yourself a utilitarian accessory that’s going to take care of juicing up every Apple gadget you own without having to worry about carrying it around. Sticking to the safer and more accepted tech trend of dual gadget wireless chargers is this Qi2 certified 2-in-1 wireless charger that folds down to a very compact size. I would even go to the extent of calling it a pocketable accessory.

This 15W Magsafe compatible concept iPhone 15 charger can orient in a laid down position or an alternate orientation where the phone can be set up in a portrait mode for productivity. Of course, the alternate pad can be used to charge your earbuds or Apple Watch in the laid-down position. While the 3-in-1 chargers give you the extra option of hanging the Watch in the third vertical slot, I would refrain from doing that, especially with kids around.

While still in the concept phase, the idea is interesting enough to be implemented by renowned accessories providers for the Apple ecosystem!