Vollebak’s new hoodie is fireproof, waterproof, and lasts a 100 years

Is it safe to assume that something that lasts 100 years is better than something that lasts a lifetime? If you buy a jacket in your thirties, a lifetime would mean anywhere between 50 to 70 more years, right? But if something has a 100-year guarantee, chances are it’s much more suited to last longer than YOUR lifetime, no?

Vollebak‘s been on a relentless mission to make the hardiest, most withstanding apparel on the planet. Pay their website a visit and you’re less likely to see apparel made of cotton or wool. Instead, you’ll see words like carbon-fiber, ceramics, graphene, and Kevlar being floated around.

Currently in its third iteration, the 100 Year Hoodie is perhaps one of Vollebak’s most advanced pieces of clothing ever. Made of three layers sandwiched together into a warm, comfortable, and breathable jacket, the final product takes nearly 40 weeks to manufacture from start to finish… a timeline that pales in comparison to the fact that the hoodie was designed to practically endure an apocalypse.

The third generation of the Vollebak 100 Year Hoodie comes with an engineered fleece inner for comfort, and a flame-retardant outer fabric with a wind-proof, waterproof membrane in between. You’d expect a fire-fighting jacket to be stiff, but the engineered fabric from Polartec is light, breathable, temperature-regulating, and stretchy. Its borderline magical physical properties aside, it’s actually a pretty comfy jacket for regular wear. The hoodie covers you up nicely in inclement weather, and you’ve got four large zippered pockets for your belongings too. Plus, it’s quite literally the last hoodie you’ll ever need to own.

Designer: Vollebak