That Two Timing Barista!

Ok don’t be shy, but who here has always secretly wanted some group action? You know, the kind of action where hands come from every direction and push all your right buttons… ultimately letting off a little steam. Yeah, making coffee can be so HOT! Especially when it’s with “The Barista” by Patrik Pettersson. Patrick knows just what you want and how you take it with this multiple partner espresso machine. This carousel design allows for multiple cups of espresso to be made simultaneously so that your dinner party or “social” can be all hot and excited on caffeine at the same time…a group climax to the evening, if you will.

Designer: Patrik Pettersson

Texts from the designer:

Docking mode
The barista espresso machine consists of a docking station, brewing unit and five espresso cups. One of the main features with the Barista is that it allows multiple users to be in charge of their own espresso brewing, instead of just only one person in conventional espresso makers. To enhance the portability and make it easier to carry, the Barista works in two modes, carry mode (collapsed) and brewing mode (raised). The Barista is connected to the wall outlet when in docking mode, and functions as conventional espresso machine, where beans are grounded for each individual cup in the kitchen.

Portable mode
To make it portable some task are divided up to optimize the power consumption; the coffee beans gets pre-grounded in the kitchen and the water is pre-heated into a thermos at the same time to eliminate unnecessary energy consumption.

Collapse the brew unit by pressing down the top part, to raise it, give the handle a push and the machine will raise by itself to brewing mode. The turning top allows the users to access the machine from all directions. Place cups on the tray and rotate the turning top part to move the nozzle over to the other cups.


  • igreenspot says:

    cool, with the electrolux sign, does this mean we can actually can it ?

  • Whitdawg says:

    How cool is that !?! I want one !

  • zippyflounder says:

    Welllllllllllllllllllllllllllll, so many claims so many notions, and shows a total lack of understanding how a espresso machine works or good UI. Pre heating the water, pre grinding the coffee, do you even know what the brew temp for espresso IS? ok lets look at this realistily, you plonk this down on a table, peer down to see if there is a cup, then wait for somebody else to brew theirs, spin the top (full of hotter than hell water) and then decipher the operations while others are waiting. You punch go, hope your cup is lined up and then grap that sucker (with out spilling it from the semi blind operation) hoping that its not out of water.

    A few pratical reailtes, unless this is a disposable where/how do you eject the spent coffee grounds after every shot is brewed? Looking at the volume of the cups, the size of the upper unit and making space for water/grounds…there aint ANY space left over for the guts, even doubling it and its going to be tight.

    All in all, naw the “user experiance” is a joke as is the mechinism. A bit of advice to one and all (same with the disk shaped tv remote) when you got a notion, mime out the whole thing or better yet do a quick mockup and then act out the whole little scene. That will point out a lot of “little” problems that are truly HUGE assed problems.

    • AM says:

      I totally agree with you on that one. In theory the idea is pretty decent but in actuality.. Not so much. Maybe to the average person it makes sense and the espresso would be acceptable, but for the majority of people who actually have the need to own an espresso machine, the outcome of this one would be sub-par and barely worth it.

  • Amateur says:

    wow…before reading the description i actually thought that this thing was cool/practical (but i came up with different operational/functionalities in my mind (and admittedly, much simpler). then when i read it, the post above hit the nail on the head.

    cool design though, nonetheless.

  • b2p says:

    Did you ever look into an espresso coffee machine before designing this thing?
    It should be a filter coffee machine but it can’t be an espresso one…

  • S.C says:

    Junk. How do you you keep the temperature consistent with such a small volume of water. Also different coffee uses different temperature to brew with different grid size. If there is no way to compensate then there will be no way a coffee is always good to drink. Coffee is not a formulated question that is more variable then you think.

  • R M says:

    Well I dont know anythink about espresso, but i absolutely love the aesthetics of that thing !

  • buddy says:

    After reading the description there is no doubt that this ‘product’ is pure fantasy. The mock up is production quality, very nice indeed. It’s plasticy and white… but seriously did they even look at an espresso machine? Beyond this being impossible to make (see zippyflounder’s post above) my issue comes more from the designer’s implication that research was done.

  • Michelle says:

    How much is it?

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