Introducing the World’s Smallest Dive System!

Diving opens up the possibility for us to discover a whole new world that’s beneath the surface of the water. The adventures this can bring can be filled with overwhelming beauty and sense of discovery. However, diving equipment has the potential of being extremely bulky and difficult to operate… and this is where NEMO really shines!

Nemo may just be the perfect companion for snorkelers who seek the thrill of adventure! The compact Surface-Supplied Air Dive system supports an individual diver to up to 10 feet beneath the surface, allowing them to take on the magnificent spectacles that lie before them.

Its compact size and lightweight design make it ideal to travel with, allowing snorkelers to explore places further-a-field with ease; this is made even more hassle-free with the NEMO backpack, that’s packed full of features to enhance the experience!

Designer: Verity Moorhouse of BLU3

Click here to Buy Now: $399 $699 (42% off).


NEMO is the perfect way for snorkelers to take their adventures beyond the surface. It’s an incredibly compact Surface-Supplied Air dive system that supports one diver to ten feet.


Whether you’re an ocean explorer, poolside parent, treasure hunter, underwater photographer, boat owner, kayaker/paddleboarder, or in search of the latest yacht toy – NEMO is for you.


Only 10 pounds!





How Does Nemo Work?

Inside of NEMO is a custom battery-powered air compressor. The compressor pumps air to the diver through the 10-foot hose and out through their patent-pending Smart Reg™.

Their Smart Reg™ saves battery life by monitoring breathing patterns to let the compressor know exactly when it needs to send air. This means NEMO doesn’t just push air to you, but rather breathes with you.

Click here to Buy Now: $399 $699 (42% off).