Hone Your Language Skills

The biggest problem that we face in a foreign land is the language barrier. Resorting to sign language or using translation dictionaries is a cumbersome process especially if you are to temporarily relocate to that country. SOLA is a linguistic device that is fun and interactive and can come of some use in such situations. In fact it was developed by a bunch of students to communicate easily with the exchange students in Mandarin.

SOLA or Sound On Learning Active does not believe in repetitive communication. It combines the work and play methodology to optimize the learning skills. It uses the language base in a gaming environment, which makes the learning process more enjoyable and competitive. Multiple users can use this method over various platforms and master new skills.

The device consists of a tower that hosts a headset, a tracking webcam and a projector. Interactive bangles worn on the hands and feet help you manipulate your moves on the projected game screen. Sound is transmitted to the earphones via Bluetooth.

The concept is thus: On a very subconscious level, while playing the games on Sola, you inadvertently perfect a language without really realizing it.

The video below demonstrates how the system really works. Take a look.

Designers: Hilary L Brosnihan, Esther Lai Wing Wai, Olivia Kwok Tak Lam & Ivy Chan Oi Ning

[youtube:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p-VPkz7x8jU 468 344]