Netflix won’t be coming to the Vision Pro, but here’s what the streaming app could look like in spatial VR

As the Vision Pro begins rolling out exactly a week from now, news is making way of what users can expect on the game-changing XR headset, and surprisingly enough, some companies have expressly mentioned that their apps won’t be available on the Vision Pro’s app store. Notably, apps like Netflix, YouTube, and Spotify (among others) have announced a soft-boycott of the device. Instead of dedicated versions of the apps, they will only be available through the Vision Pro’s browser, offering a less-than-ideal experience as compared to more tailor-made apps like Disney+, which Apple formally partnered with over the Vision Pro.

Designer: Harshita Jajani

However, that hasn’t stopped designers from making their own versions of popular apps (like this Spotify app) for the XR headset. When Apple debuted the Vision Pro in June last year, it spoke highly of its passthrough interface that practically blurred the lines between reality and digitalism. These UX concepts explore that aspect of spatial computing, putting virtual elements in real spaces in a way that feels incredibly believable.

Designed by Harshita Jajani, this unofficial Netflix ‘app’ for the Vision Pro shows how immersive the streaming service could look in a spatial environment. Jajani took parts of the Netflix interface, translating them rather wonderfully into a style synonymous with the Vision Pro’s digital glass interface. The Netflix app features those classic rounded corners, translucent frosted windows, and the ability to shift from a window screen to a much more immersive full-periphery view.

Maybe Netflix will relent after a few months of withholding on the app, but only time will tell. Disney CEO Bob Iger promised a ‘magical’ experience with the Disney+ app (which will come bundled with the Vision Pro), and if anything Netflix’s own app for the Meta Quest is arguably one of the most immersive and fun experiences out there. However, until that happens, these concepts help fill that void. A void that feels like a lot after you spend $3600 on hardware!