Yanko Design and KeyShot announce the winners of the Material Design Challenge

With hundreds of entries over the 3-week competition time period, the YDxKeyShot Material Design Challenge finally came to a close with the winners being announced this week. The three winning entries showcase an incredibly versatile approach, proving exactly how capable KeyShot 11’s Material Graph and material designing abilities are.

The three winners distinctly stand in three separate categories. The Gold winning entry from Shahin Fathi explores the ability to put a realistic froth of bubbles on top of products, the Silver winning entry from Colin Ginn explored a unique parametric ‘chocolate chip cookie’ material with a lot of versatility, and the Bronze winning entry came from Nacho Riesco, who created an alluring cracked gold-leaf on wood texture that has great potential in furniture, interior, and even fashion rendering applications.

The judges declared Shahin the unanimous Gold Winner, but there were a few strong contenders for Silver and Bronze positions. Ultimately, the judges rated the entries on creativity as well as potential to be used across various industries. We congratulate the winners and are extremely grateful to everyone who participated!

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Gold Winner – Shahin Fathi

Shahin Fathi (also known on Instagram by Predexign) was unanimously selected as the winning entry for its sheer creativity and impeccable execution. Jury member Sarang Sheth said, “Loved the idea and execution. This is exactly the kind of material I was expecting to come out of this competition.” The bubbles really push KeyShot 11’s textures to the limit. They’re incredibly realistic, and a simple drag and drop of the material onto a 3D object turns it into a foamy mass that has tonnes of applications in bathware, drinkware (think beer froth it coffee crema), and potentially even outdoor water scenes!
View Shahin’s winning entry below.


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Silver Winner – Colin Ginn

Colin Ginn secured the silver prize for his unique parametric chocolate chip cookie material. While the jury definitely found the material unique, they were impressed by the execution, the fact that it’s entirely parametric, and even the development animation that Colin created on his IG post. Jury member Janis Sne mentioned, “Collin did an outstanding job on this material challenge. I am very impressed by just looking at Collin’s Keyshot node material setup. He also made a great presentation, with a short animation of the texturing, that I highly appreciate. I think this designer really thought through everything and you can feel this love & passion into each 3D image.” The jury collectively also agreed that there was immense potential to adapt this material into a rocky, muddy ground material.
View Colin’s winning entry below.


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Bronze Winner – Nacho Riesco

The bronze prize was awarded to Nacho Riesco for his ‘cracked gold leaf on wood’ material. The material combined the best of both worlds, a realistic wooden texture and a cracked gold film on top. Jury member Preeti Jesudoss appreciated the “worn edges and organic-looking cracks” on the material and the jury collectively believed that the material also could potentially be used in creative art direction and even in fashion design applications.
View Nacho’s winning entry below.

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