Space elevator concept will make travel to the stars more accessible

If you’ve watched a lot of science-fiction or future-based movies and TV series, then you’ve seen a lot of products and inventions that may seem impossible and fantastical now. But over the past decades, we’ve seen a lot of advancement in technology that some of these, especially those that were released in the 80s, have actually come true. And those that seem improbable now can actually become reality in the near and far future.

Designer: Jordan William Hughes

This conceptual design for a space elevator seems right out of a movie but it is actually based on data from existing research by physicists and engineers. If this eventually becomes a reality, space travel would become much easier and maybe even affordable. It will be a more viable alternative to the existing space travel that is currently possible with rockets. It will also save a ton of fuel that is currently being utilized.

The concept is for an asteroid in geostationary orbit to serve as the counterweight for this spaceport. The elevator will be connected to the ocean through a robust tether that will transport it from the asteroid to Earth. Drones will be able to go up and down the tether and be able to transport both cargo and people. The idea is for the space station to be more than 26,000 kilometers above Earth and then the spaceport here on our planet to be at sea-level.

The spaceport will also be a movable vessel so it can also not be limited by possible bad weather conditions. The concept art still seems to be pretty fantastical and right out of a sci-fi fantasy movie. But in the next few years, we can see if this is actually something possible.