So you think you can be a Tripod?


Remember when ‘Snow in a can’ sounded like magic? Now we finally have something to top that. Sitpack literally fits a seating device into a can that’s no larger than a beer-can. The can opens vertically to reveal a telescopic leg that you can open out. Just prop the leg against the ground and rest/lean against it. The Sitpack may at first glance look uncomfortable, but in honesty, its convenience and great design precedes it. The telescopic leg can be height-adjusted, and can take up to 100kgs (220lbs) of weight. Moreover, the Sitpack’s design encourages better posture, while even helping you keep your leg muscles active, and keep the blood circulation going. Let’s also not forget how incredibly portable it is, making it perfect for almost every outdoor scenario you can think of. Clearly the guys who composed the song ‘Lean On’ need to accommodate the awesome Sitpack into the lyrics!

Designer: Jonas Lind-Bendixen

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