DON’T buy Apple’s MagSafe Wallet… This one is MUCH better and it’s half the price

I’ve always believed that tech giants are great at making devices… not accessories. You’re much better off buying an iPhone case from Spigen, hubs from Satechi, and charging gear from Anker rather than directly from Apple, Google, or Samsung. Third-party designers and makers usually take creativity and innovation much more seriously than the large companies driven by profit, which is why I’d never recommend buying a MagSafe wallet from Apple. The DuoFlip, on the other hand, is exactly the same size but is vastly better in comparison. It too holds two cards, but with a unique flippable mechanism that lets you make a card of your choice face outwards. This is great for easy-access, but also makes the DuoFlip perfect for tapping on POS devices and RFID readers without needing to take the card out of your wallet. The two cards sit in individual pockets, separated by an RFID-blocking liner. That means only the card that’s facing outside gets tapped during payments or access approval. Moreover, one of the card slots comes with a clear window, making it perfect for storing ID cards. Plus, if all that wasn’t enough to convince you, the flipping mechanism can also be used as a kickstand, giving you the ability to prop-up your phone in landscape or in portrait modes.

Designer: Stella Chang Chien of SleekStrip

Click Here to Buy Now: $28 $40 (30% off). Hurry, only 18/200 left!


Sure, the DuoFlip presents a great alternative to Apple’s MagSafe Wallet, but take it out of Apple’s shadow and you see that it’s a pretty nifty design on its own too. It solves the problem of needing to dig around in your pockets or bag for cards, and eliminates the need for a second card to hang around your neck if your workplace demands it. The two cards slide right into the DuoFlip which snaps satisfyingly onto the back of your MagSafe-capable iPhone (or any phone with the MagSafe sticker).

Flipping between cards is easy to the point of being addictive. The magnets inside the DuoFlip offer just the right amount of resistance that allows you to flip sides in under a second. The two sides have their distinct advantages. One is completely opaque, making it perfect for payment cards, while the other one comes with a clear window that’s well-suited for ID cards. Place your cards in and you’re ready to go. The card that’s facing outwards can be used to tap on terminals, whether they’re for making payments or for registering access/entry. A liner in the middle blocks the hidden card from being read, so there’s never an accidental tap of the wrong card.

Moreover, flip the ‘flap’ halfway and it doubles as a nifty stand for your phone. Sure, it won’t rival an actual stand or tripod, but it’s honestly a perfect easter egg for the wallet, giving it a great added feature that everyone’s sure to love… and people with Apple MagSafe wallets are sure to miss…

The DuoFlip has a sleek, slim design, which means it’s easy to slide into your pocket along with your phone. However, if you’d like to have the wallet more accessible, the folks at SleekStrip also designed a lanyard that attaches to the DuoFlip, letting you wear it around your neck like your standard lanyard ID. Keep the windowed card facing outwards for ease-of-use, but the second you step out for a meal or a quick coffee, flip to the payment card to make quick tap payments.

The adjustable-length lanyard can be used with the DuoFlip wallet, or even your phone thanks to a quick attachment that sandwiches itself between your phone and case. Although I probably wouldn’t want to wear my phone around my neck, that’s an option available to people who want their smart devices to be even more accessible than being right in their pockets or as crossbody.

Each DuoFlip wallet comes crafted from vegan leather, with a plastic back that houses the wallet’s N52 rare-earth magnets in the MagSafe array. A proprietary 6-layer anti-interference partition sits between both cards, allowing for accurate tapping every time, and the wallet’s flipping mechanism is tested to last over 100,000 flips (that’s 27 years worth of flips if you flip 10 times every day).

The wallet comes in black, brown, and gray color variants, and starts at a discounted $28… that’s less than half the price of Apple’s $59 MagSafe Wallet.

Click Here to Buy Now: $28 $40 (30% off). Hurry, only 18/200 left!