USB-C hubs and other MacBook Accessories that are the best investments of 2021 for Apple fans!

My MacBook is probably one of my most prized possessions! It contains basically everything I hold important in my life – from work documents to memorable pictures from even ten years ago. And not to mention, I do end up spending most of my day, typing away and working on my MacBook. Since it is such an integral part of my daily and work routine, I’m always looking for ways to elevate my MacBook. I love innovative and nifty gadgets that function as the perfect sidekick to my MacBook, helping me boost up my daily productivity and efficiency. Here, we’ve curated a few of our favorite MacBook accessories that’ll promise to level up your already awesome and beloved MacBook. These are must-have accompaniments to your MacBook!

The HybridDrive is a lot like if your external hard drive and your USB hub had a love-child. Think of it as the one, true, all-powerful accessory to your MacBook or your iPad Pro, or even your Android phone. Armed with a two-piece design that can plug into each other, the HybridDrive is like the Yin and the Yang of computing accessories… the Yin being extra ports, and the Yang being extra storage. Compatible with most USB-C devices, the HybridDrive offsets your need for multiple hubs, dongles, and drives. With a multiport on one end, and an SSD on another, and a USB-C interface connecting the two, the HybridDrive bridges the gap between your portable devices (laptop/tablet/phone) and your desktop – in the sense that it gives you extra ports and expandable storage… something most desktops have in common.

 This wearable fitness tracker-looking ring is actually a mouse designed to be as lightweight as possible so there isn’t excess load on your joints. The ring mouse’s design works intuitively, it reacts to the movements of the fingertips and does not interfere with the natural movement of the wrist since it is a wearable ring. Due to its unique shape for a mouse, it makes the experience smoother while reducing the stress on your wrists as it won’t be awkwardly bent at an angle for hours! The ring has sensors that provide the functionality of a mouse such as ‘click’, ‘sweep’, ‘scroll’ through different gestures that are similar to how we use the trackpads on a laptop. You only require two fingers to operate this mouse as opposed to your whole palm and it is more versatile – you can use it everywhere freely like on top of a desk or on your legs, it doesn’t need a specific pad or surface.



The AirBar is an amazingly thin little beaut is capable of turning your MacBook screen into a touchscreen. It broadcasts invisible light waves to detect movement, allowing virtually anything to become a stylus. Use anything from chopsticks to a paintbrush to even your fingers (with or without gloves) to touch, navigate, zoom, swipe, or even paint on your MacBook! All you got to do is plug the AirBar into a USB port and mount it on the bottom of your screen. The only drawback here is the lack of pressure sensitivity since the AirBar only works in the X & Y axes.

With minimal material and maximal robustness, the Curve SE elevates your laptop 6.5 inches from your desk, allowing your neck to rest at a much more comfortable angle. Made from a single curved piece of anodized aluminum, the Curve SE’s clean design complements your MacBook perfectly although it works universally with all laptops. Silicone grips ensure your expensive machine is held well in place so any accidental nudges don’t knock it over. The Curve SE’s elevated (in the literal sense) sense of design even helps keep your laptop ventilated, promoting proper airflow so your machine doesn’t heat up. In the event that it does, though, I imagine the metal body serves as some sort of heat sink to help dissipate heat and cool your machine down faster.

Sixty minutes is all that it takes for the SuperTank to power up and be ready for deployment. This 27,000 mAh portable charger with dual USB-C PD (100W + 60W) and dual USB-A ports, has the potential to quickly charge MacBook Pros and many other devices. What this means to people on the go, is that they don’t have to worry about carrying excess wires, multiple power plugs, and compatible sockets, when they are out of home or office. One supercharge, and this battery pack will last you for seven whole days, making you wish that your lover could last that long! This Power Bank offers full-speed charging for the latest devices in the market. The dual USB-C ports can charge two laptops and the four USB outputs make room for your phones, tablets, cameras, security cameras, projectors, LED lights, etc.

A leather housing for your MacBook, Bluebonnet isn’t just a protective cover, but also a portfolio case and a kickstand! Along with protecting your laptop from accidental bumps and scuffs, Bluebonnet also gives you a neat place to store your planner/notebook/papers and a pen of your choice, freeing your hands up while giving you everything you’d need to carry to a meeting, conference, or a coffee shop, all in one svelte sleeve. The leather construction undeniably gives the MacBook a stylish, professional upgrade, and comes available in multiple colors. The Bluebonnet even features a cutout at the base that gives your laptop an impromptu kickstand, tilting it higher for better viewing/cooling.

The designers of DGRule describe it as an “invisible hub” and I guess we can see why. The DGRule promises to be a convenient alternative to the limited Thunderbolt 3 USB-C ports since they aren’t always compatible with all devices. Subtle, discreet, and far from bulky, DGRule snaps onto both sides of the MacBook Pro. The cushion pad ensures it stays glued onto the laptop, no matter which position you work in. Available in Space Gray or Silver, it camouflages with your laptop, appearing to be a natural extension of it. Created from CNC aluminum, this allows the hub to comfortably merge with the MacBook Pro. However the resilient aluminum has other purposes as well, it lends its durability to the hub making it sturdy and reliable.



Built by the true geniuses at Twelve South, the Plug Bug Duo simply connects to your MacBook Charger, supplying power to it while also giving you two extra USB ports to plug other devices/cables into it. The red adapter is compliant with all MacBook chargers and even works as a travel adapter, allowing you to use your MacBook charger with international sockets. It comes with 5 different snap-on plugins that let you plug your MacBook into any international socket you may be subjected to. Besides giving your MacBook charger international compatibility, the PlugBug Duo’s two USBs are heaven-sent, since they let you run your MacBook as well as power your iPhone and iPad simultaneously.

Pairing perfectly with the slim perfection of Apple’s MacBook, Woolnut’s laptop sleeve aims at adhering to the highest Scandinavian design standards too, with its precisely designed sleeves that fit the MacBook like a glove. Measured to the nearest millimeter, Woolnut’s sleeves are made specific to each MacBook model, given their thickness and dimensions over the years. This precision results in a sleeve that absolutely hugs your laptop, protecting it with a sheep wool interior, while giving it the sheer class of a premium cognac leather outer clad. Woolnut’s sleeves even allow you to charge your laptop inside them, giving you functionality and protection in one cover case… And the slim design is perfect for carrying either under your sleeve or even in your bag. Custom-built for each MacBook model, Woolnut’s sleeves age over time, as the leather develops a signature patina with use, giving the outer sleeve an antique finish, while your laptop remains as good as new!



You see, MacBooks are built with rather advanced sound cards. Almost every music producer you find uses a MacBook for production. It’s a great machine. But it’s also a great machine backed by speakers that don’t do it justice. Thin laptops mean thin speaker modules, which usually result in thin-sounding audio. The Bassjump 2, however, is a clever little accessory. Instead of replacing the speakers on your laptop, it empowers them. Designed as a portable subwoofer, the Bassjump 2 adds a low-end to your laptop speakers, making them sound fuller. The Bassjump 2 is nothing but pure subwoofer power, designed solely to play alongside your laptop’s inbuilt speakers, to the MacBook’s strengths. Calibrated to perfectly add low-end notes to your MacBook’s audio, the Bassjump does one job and does it well. Combining powers with your laptop speakers to push out great-sounding audio, the Bassjump is designed to be portable too(it even comes with a carrying case).