An Invisible, Innovative, Immortal Bottle Opener

Beautifully designed and brilliantly named, the Jo bottle opener needs no additional branding. Designed with a form that literally spells Jo (short for “Just Open”. A stroke of genius I’d say), the bottle opener comes made in titanium and is small enough to easily fit into your keychain and your life and dramatically uplift both.

As a product designer, there’s a lot to love about Jo. The choice of material is just perfect. Its small size may have you asking questions about its efficiency, but when something’s made from Grade 5 Titanium, you can forget about lifespan because it’ll probably outlive you. The Jo’s shape is pretty darn innovative too. The designer’s ability to integrate the name of the product into the form (or vice versa) means that product and brand are now both one. Not to mention the fact that Jo stands for Just Open, reinforcing the product’s function.

The Jo can be divided into two parts. The J, which serves as a nifty bottle opener, and the O, which allows you to slide the Jo into any keyring. At just 22x15mm in size and 2mm in thickness, the Jo is smaller than most keys, and can literally slide even into your wallet if you chose. One of the best EDCs to have on you, the Jo is great for impromptu get-togethers or house parties where you’ve got a line of people waiting to use the one bottle opener that’s around, or worse, using counter-tops or their mouth to crack open their beers. Simple, small, useful, innovative, memorable, and pretty much invincible, the Jo embodies all the ideals of good product design and good EDC!

Designer: Ivan Umolac

Click here to Buy Now: $9.00









Click here to Buy Now: $9.00