Finally tear-resistant, ballistic nylon clothes designed to use for the SpaceX journey to Mars!

There are few clothing brands that really match the design and innovation in fashion that Vollebak has managed in the last six odd years. The British clothing brand has previously left us in awe with a jacket fashioned to improve the sleep cycle of astronauts, and it is now tapping into the extraterrestrial void with the all-new Mars gear.

Combining the aspects it loves: Vollebak has designed Mars Jacket and Pants for the voyage to the red planet. It is fashioned with the unrelenting adoration for space exploration and crazy material science to solve a problem that is coming in the next few years. So, as the human race prepares itself to colonize Mars, Vollebak has clothing ready for engineers, architects, scientists and explorers who will be heading into space when the time is right. Until then, the jacket and pants are just apt for your next clubbing night back on Earth.

Vollebak, co-founded by twins Nick and Steve Tidball, has been creating clothes for the future and this intergalactic set of jackets and pants is only an extension of that intent. The gear is made from a tear-resistant, ballistic nylon outer shell but it’s absolutely soft and snug and is provided in two: gray and cream colors. Since the clothing is designed to venture to the next planet, it includes anti-gravity pockets to counter the shifting gravitational fields. Realizing that earthlings may experience nausea in their interplanetary voyage, the Mars gear is equipped with a 3D-printed vomit pocket on the chest, which features a removable and cleanable orange PVC vomit bag, should you need it.

Envisioned to facilitate the wearer when they are space-bound for the Moon or Mars eventually, the suit is almost fashionable for Earth-bound adventures too. If you think so, Vollebak Mars gear is available in six sizes from XS to XXL on the company’s website for $995.

Designer: Vollebak

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