LG CineBeam Qube 4K projector doubles as a curious design piece

Projectors have been around for almost decades, but it has only been recently that they’ve started to move out of offices and into living rooms. With the advent of home projectors, however, came the need for newer designs that make these utilitarian boxes fit with your interior design better. Some brands have indeed started to do that, but it takes more than just using glossy surfaces or wrapping the boxes with fabric-like materials. Ideally, you really have to think outside the box and adopt a design that barely looks like a typical home projector, like the new LG CineBeam Qube 4K that’s meant to look like a stylus art object when simply sitting on your table or shelf, whether or not you’re using it.

Designer: LG

Smart home projectors have started to become more aware of how they need to blend in with the rest of your furniture or home decor. Some have tried to embrace more luxurious-looking materials that make the appliances look a little more stylish, but few can escape the traditional boxy shapes that projectors come in. Admittedly, it’s not that easy to break away from this form due to technical reasons, but that doesn’t mean you have to stick to the bulky horizontal design of most projectors.

The LG CineBeam Qube 4K is an example of a design that breaks from the mould while still sticking to the norm. It’s still a rectangular box and less a cube as its name might imply, but it stands upright rather than lying low. It’s also quite tiny, compared to your run-of-the-mill laser projectors, so it can discreetly stand beside your books on a shelf and get out of the way when you don’t need it. The point, however, is that you won’t have to put it away during those periods of rest because the CineBeam Qube is designed to look great even while just standing there.

The projector has a rather industrial aesthetic, with a metallic silver chassis and a black facade where the large lens lies smack in the middle. There is an odd lever structure wrapping around the back of the box, most likely a handle that lets you pick up the projector and move it around in style. Its beauty won’t appeal to everyone, but it will at least grab people’s attention the moment they see it.

Despite its small size, the LG CineBeam Qube claims to pack quite a punch, including 4K resolution and a maximum projection size of 120 inches. The 500 ANSI lumens brightness, however, means you’ll only use it indoors in a dark room. It’s a smart projector so you’ll have access to plenty of content, both from streaming services as well as connected devices. And when you’re not using it to watch shows, you can use its image-mapping function to display images and photos that add some life to your dark space.