LG’s game-changing house robot is a secret smart AI agent with numerous tricks up its sleeves

I had an idea about what’s possible with AI and machine learning integration. What I didn’t know, until today, was that LG is committed to realizing a vision of “Zero Labor Home” with robotics and artificial intelligence. Does that sound safe is a discussion for another day, but what’s on the horizon (as progress in the direction) is the pre-CES announcement of a smart home AI agent from LG.

The AI agent is a cute little robot with large googly eyes that LG has outfitted with multi-modal technologies for autonomous mobility, advanced communication, and engaging functions to help homeowners with daily chores. A home manager and companion robot to say, the LG’s two-legged, wheeled agent can “move, learn, comprehend and engage in complex conversations.”

Designer: LG

This interesting robotic figure with a headphone-like carrying handle over the head has articulated leg joints for free and independent mobility. The AI robot is based on Qualcomm Robotics RB5 development kit enabling face and companion recognition. This means that the LG smart agent can recognize users, understand and express emotions, and interact verbally. For instance, it “greets homeowners at the front door, discerns their emotions by analyzing their voice and facial expressions, and selects music or other content to suit their mood.”

Embedded with the ability to process natural language, the robotic smart home AI agent can “understand context and intentions” to “actively communicate with users.” This is made possible with built-in sensors, camera, and a speaker. These together also put a lot of other interesting aspects to the robotic abilities of the AI agent. It can double as a mobile smart hub in the house allowing you to connect with and control IoT devices, and note temperature, indoor air quality, and humidity.

Since the little guy can move around the house quite like the humans, it can patrol the confines on your behalf to notify if you have left a window open or an appliance turned on. By this concept, it can also work as a house guard and pet monitor sending timely alerts if any unusual activity is detected or the pet needs attention. As a partner to the seniors at home, AI agent can provide reminders to take medications or manage personal schedules. With a robot capable of endless features, LG aims to “liberate” us “from the burden of housework.”