With 31 grind settings, this coffee grinder gives you the smoothest coffee every time!

If you love coffee and enjoy the process of making a perfect cup, you know the importance of not only getting a good roast but also a good grind. Every coffee machine uses a different type of grind – espresso machines that give you lattes and cappuccinos use a fine grind while a drip coffee maker or french press will use a coarse grind. The wrong grind will give you a complete failure and it won’t be coffee, it’ll just be hot bean water and we don’t want that. So how can we take the guesswork out of grinding beans and not ruin our specialty roasts? Simple – just get the Ode grinder!

Ode is a powerful and precise home grinder with professional cafe grade capabilities. It was designed so that you can enjoy a perfect cup of coffee every single day no matter what brewing process you choose – pour-over, french press, cold brew, espressos, or drip! This coffee grinder is probably the only one you will ever need because it comes with 31 grind settings and a distinctive single dose load bin for maximum bean freshness. And unlike the big cafe machines, this little appliance does everything quietly. Fellow and Branch wanted to create a grinder that also looked like an appliance worthy of sitting on your countertop. The all-black grinder looks like a sleek espresso machine in itself with a large intuitive dial that allows you to easily choose the type of grind you want. I also love the magnetic base so the container will not move out of place and no coffee will be wasted!

Fellow has some of the best coffee accessories in the game and a grinder was a necessity for their range but, they wanted to do it right and make something that actually would make a difference to your coffee without requiring you to be an expert. “We were also tired of affordable grinders claiming they could do ‘everything’. But when push comes to shove, these grinders were good at brewed coffee but less than mediocre at espresso (or vice versa). After 26 months of user research, prototyping, and lab testing Ode Brew Grinder was born,” says the team. Ode makes it possible to have consistent quality and precision with your ground beans and is versatile enough to work with any brewing process. It is truly an ode to coffee grinders!

Designer: Branch Creative for Fellow Products

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