I Can Sleep Anywhere

Late nights with friends, working on projects until the wee hours of the morning or a brief touch of insomnia, can really make for hard times the next day. After overdosing on caffeine, you still can feel the affects of the night before, and by mid-morning, you would give just about anything for a quick siesta. Designed by Ivonne Dippmann, i-sleep can be our cure-all for these dreadful times and allow us the cat-nap we so desperately need. i-sleep is a soft pillow that can be attached to any laptop and when the laptop is closed, the pillow quickly fills with warm air, music begins to play and after 10 minutes pass, an alarm sounds waking us up. Ahh, a quick and beneficial power nap. Both the music and alarm can be programed to our individual needs and desires. Once the laptop is reopened, the i-sleep deflates and you can begin to work once again, that is, until a little shut-eye is needed again.

Designer: Ivonne Dippmann [ Via: LikeCOOL ]


  • Erich says:

    That looks significantly more comfortable than the version I use. Usually, I just fall asleep on the keyboard.

  • d says:

    definitely not for those who drool in their sleep.

    …this has to be an old project. i haven’t seen that mouse in ages and that laptop is pretty beat up.

  • Looks strangely comfortable and better than just the usual hard, cold desk.

  • Lite says:

    Why not simply stop living at work, and find a job that doesn’t require you to live that lifestyle. Basically this thing prevents qwerty face, and that’s about all that it is worth.

  • FAB says:

    Good idea but dangerous for the laptop display, that will certainly not resist the weight of a human head. The idea remains interesting on the desk.

  • Brian says:

    Thanks FAB – I thought the same thing. I’m also not sure you’d want it on that side for warmth, the battery side gets much warmer!

  • Hughe Palmer says:

    this could come in handy at work…

  • snowpeech says:

    a dream come true for any (college) student as well!

  • Me parece una fantastica idea. Cuando empecemos a pensar een el diseño desde un punto de vista humano nos ira mejor.

  • nancyJ says:

    you can try to sleep like this gesture,it’s very uncomfortable,the neck will break.
    so the music、the warm air, the alarm is good,but your design point is solve how to sleep.so i think the comfortable sleep is foremost.

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