Vinyl music system lets you have an aesthetic listening party

While we’re now used to listening to our favorite tunes on our streaming service of choice, there are times when we would still crave to listening on unadulterated and uncompressed formats, specifically on vinyl players. One of my dreams is to have a listening party with my fellow K-Pop stans and listening and dancing to tunes from vinyl records. But actually setting up a system can be intimidating for newbies, not to mention expensive.

Designer: Dum Audio

The Stereo System Bundle that Dum Audio is offering will remove some of that hassle of choosing what things should go into your vinyl record set up (although the expensive part is still there of course). It has “everything you need and nothing you don’t” in a sense that it has all the basics that you would need to listen to your records with an “immense and crystal clear sonic experience”. This includes the turntable itself, an amplifier, and a pair of passive speakers, with the option of adding a passive subwoofer in case you want more base.

The entire system has a real hardwood veneer with aluminum hardware so if that’s your aesthetic in your living room or bedroom, it should go well with the whole ambience. The turntable has an Ortofon 2M Red cartridge and an MDF flinth with real hardwood veneer and a custom aluminum tonearm. It plays at 33.3 and 45 RPM. The integrated amplifier has analog inputs and an output for the passive subwoofer that is coming soon. You can control the bass, mid, and treble and has a power output of 100 watts RMS per channel. The passive speakers has custom Dum Audio drivers and has a power handling of 100 watts RMS per speaker.

If you still want to listen to songs on your streaming service, the amplifier has Bluetooth 5.0 with aptX so you can still stream from your smartphone or computer. If you have around $2,000 to spend for a system, this is something you can consider if you don’t want the hassle of looking for individual components. It also looks pretty aesthetic so that can add to the joy of listening to your favorite vinyl records.