Nearly 70x more effective than House Plants: Eco-friendly Air Purifier uses a mini-forest to cleanse indoor air

When Briiv debuted in 2020, little did they know the importance of air quality would skyrocket in the three years to come. The pandemic aside, we’ve seen a consistent deterioration in the air quality of our cities in the past three years with really no improvement. For the people who think being indoors is safer, research shows the absolute opposite. While traditionally ‘pollution’ comes from the outdoors, it gets trapped in stale indoor air which can be bad for your health. This is compounded by the fact that cooking food, burning candles, and even having pets around can affect air quality significantly. To counter this, people choose to either rely on air purifiers or on house plants… but the Briiv Pro combines them both into an eco-friendly purifier that simultaneously uses nature and technology to cleanse indoor air. Now more powerful than before, the Briiv Pro relies on what it calls a ‘mini forest’ to purify a 16 sq.m. room (172 sq.ft.) in just 21 minutes. That’s roughly 6900% more effective than house plants, which is remarkable for a purifier that size. It also has the added benefit of looking like a gorgeous tabletop terrarium, unlike those ugly appliances that get passed off as air purifiers these days.

Designers: Sean Sykes & James Whitfield

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Live healthier, sleep better and breathe as nature intended with AI-powered Briiv Pro

The visual highlight of the Briiv Pro is also its secret sauce. The terrarium-inspired tabletop purifier sports a glass container on its top that reveals its micro-forest filtration system underneath. Unlike most purifiers that use disposable HEPA filters to catch particulate matter, the Briiv Pro relies on a layered trifecta of moss, coconut fiber, and a silk nanofiber matrix with activated carbon. This trio tackles pollutants ranging from pet dander and pollen to dirt, dust, smoke, and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) caused during cooking, etc. In essence, it works exactly how a forest does to purify the atmosphere. Leaves help absorb harmful gases and carbon, while also catching dust. The soil, on the other hand, purifies toxins – a natural process that the Briiv Pro borrows from and miniaturizes into a device no larger than an Apple Homepod.

Briiv Pro is 6900% more effective than house plants at cleaning your air

The way the Briiv Pro works is similar to its predecessor, albeit with a few upgrades. Air makes its way through the top of the purifier, passing through the moss and coco fiber where pollen, pet fur, and dust/smoke get trapped and VOCs and odors get neutralized. The air then goes through a medical-grade 98% plastic-free silk nanofiber filter that catches the remaining particles, filtering up to PM2.5 or fine particulate matter. Purified air makes its way out of the bottom of the Briiv Pro, where it gets spread in a 360° radius. The Briiv Pro works at a whisper-soft noise level, purifying 68 cubic feet of air per minute, which means an hour’s worth of use should cleanse an entire bedroom of bad air.

Replace the Moss with Activated Carbon to Remove Bad Smells

The Briiv Pro, however, has two pretty noticeable upgrades from its 2020 version. For starters, it comes with AI-based sensors that allow the purifier to activate the second it detects a drop in air quality. Dubbed the Canary Mode, this feature gives the Briiv Pro air-monitoring features that let it run autonomously so you don’t need to worry about switching your purifier on after checking the air quality on your smart home dashboard. Moreover, a Zen Mode lets multiple Briiv Pro units communicate with each other, so when one switches on, it alerts other purifiers around it to switch on too, ensuring you have clean air in every corner of your house. The second upgrade comes in the form of a tiny chamber where you can add a few drops of an essential oil of your choice; allowing your advanced nature-inspired air purifier to also double as a fragrance diffuser.

A different approach to design. Briiv blends beautifully into your interior

If you want to manually operate your Briiv Pro (rather than relying on AI-powered sensors), it’s as simple as tapping on its side and intuitively reading the LEDs to know what level your purifier is operating at. Alternatively, the Briiv Pro also comes with a free smartphone app that lets you activate your purifier and select its fan speed, and there’s even Alexa integration that lets your purifier connect to your broader smart home network.

Build a network of Briiv Pro air purifiers that work in unison to automatically improve air quality.

When Sean Sykes and James Whitfield set out to design the Briiv, their vision was to condense the effects of a forest into as small a footprint as possible, while testing the theory of building a ‘sustainable’ eco-friendly air purifier. 3 years after the Briiv launched as a crowdfunding campaign (gathering over $1 million USD) in funding, the Briiv Pro pushes that theory to its limits. The Pro variant is just as sustainable as its regular counterpart, with the fact that its filters are entirely compostable/recyclable. The moss filter (which sits right on top) can be washed and reused indefinitely, and Briiv also offers the option of choosing between different moss types to harness different natural properties. Conversely, you can use your own dry moss in the Briiv Pro, allowing you to customize your terrarium/purifier. The silk nanofiber filter that sits within the Briiv Pro is the only filter that really needs replacing (every 3-ish months), and the fact that it’s 98% plastic-free puts it miles ahead of most standard HEPA filters that are manufactured almost entirely out of polymer fibers, making them difficult to recycle.

With built-in sensors you can use the Briiv app to track your air quality in real-time

In the end, the payoff is easy to see. Not only does the Briiv Pro look like a gorgeous terrarium that you’d be proud to keep by your bedside or on your coffee table, it’s designed to be eco-friendly, and as its makers say, 6900% more effective than having house plants. The Briiv Pro comes with multiple design awards under its belt, while also boasting of the smart features you’d expect from leading air purifiers on the market, and a low hourly power consumption of 0.005kWh. Each Briiv Pro is made in the UK and starts at a discounted £349 (roughly $440), which may seem pricey until you realize the roughly hundreds of dollars you save per year on filter replacements. Plus, do I need to remind you of how incredibly gorgeous the Briiv Pro looks in comparison?!

Click Here to Buy Now: $440 $594 (28% off). Hurry, only 13/25 left! Raised over $160,000.