This Jeep compatible off-roading trailer was built for every adventure junkies’ ultimate camping exploit!

If you always wanted to hook a hardcore off-roading trailer to match your Jeep’s capability to conquer tough terrain, then the Switchback trailer by Off Grid Trailers is a god-sent blessing. Perfectly tailored for people who are a bit skeptical going for an off-roading trip to the Rocky Mountains with a trailer towing at the rear, this hardcore trailer won’t let you have any semblance of even the slightest doubt. If your Jeep can conquer that stretch of a rocky patch (not meant for your average vehicle), then this trailer will have you covered. The lightweight, compact-sized construction of the Switchback makes it one of the best options for blokes who only get the adrenaline rush when their 4×4’s independent suspension is stretched to the limit. The Timbren Axle-less suspension, the 21-inches of ground clearance, and the 50-degree departure angle will give you the confidence to just hook in on and now worry about a damn thing!

Although the trailer has a tow-friendly construction for any off-roading four-wheeler you hook on to it, the Jeep-matched wheels and the wheelbase makes it ultra-compatible with the vehicle. Switchback weighs just 1,300 lb thanks to the aluminum and steel body construction –giving it the right balance for any arduous trip. The makers have been mindful enough to offer the storage abundant trailer in two configurations – one having a rear kitchen setup (popular with most of the US Overlanding vehicles) while the other offering a side kitchen option. In there you’ll get features like the slide-out dual-burner stove, 35-liter Domestic refrigerator box, collapsing shelf positioned on the door, and a slide-out worktop on top of the drawer sink for expanding the workable space. One can top-off with a slide-out BBQ.

Switchback also gives you the added luxury of an onboard charger, USB ports, LED lighting, and solar charging. Since you’ll be out in the mountains for a considerable time, the option to get your trailer fitted with a 117-liter fresh water tank and hot water system with an outdoor shower is also there. To increase the space for two people, the optional roof-top tent can also be had. The fact that the trailer is fully capable of towing a total weight of 2,200 lb makes it ideal for extended trips where you’ll have the liberty to carry additional tents, awnings, and additional gear to never get stranded.

It has to be said, this is one of the toughest trailers that comes with a rugged build, ideal for the trying sections en route a trail that most people won’t even think of treading on. There’s ample space for two people to have a comfortable space to curl up in while still having enough storage space for all the needed stuff. Switchback trailer carries a starting price tag of $19,900 and can be pre-ordered right now. If you go by our word, this is the trailer to have if you are someone who stops at nothing and no terrain is unconquerable for you and your machine!

Designer: Off Grid Trailers