Color Me Innovative

This is generation-next and we are on Web 2.0, if we can’t leverage our access to IT then we have no right to be here. This applies to every industry, especially design. Sure, you can walk over to Ikea and buy yet another generic table, and in another lifetime you can, from the comfort of your air-conditioned room, flick on the computer, key in some customized essentials and get a sexy, color-coordinated Cromatti home delivered for free!

Cromatti is home to a pallet of self-expression through modern designs. Pick from a range of Bar Stools, Cocktail Table, Tables and Benches, all of which can be color customized. The key to Cromatti is the wide range of colors available, all of it being made in California and of course the free shipping! Halleluiah!

When I asked Dan Maddox, the founder and CEO of Cromatti, what led him to build this customize solution specifically for online, he recounted the story of how had moved into a new home and rented out his previous home to an Interior Designer from the UK. Apparently the rented house was painted all white – even the floor; it had an asylum feel. The designer in her elements transformed this stark interior into something vibrant, hip and chromatic. Dan saw how she took a “blank canvas” and applied colors that truly reflected her personality and the feeling she wanted the space to embody.

Wow – so this episode inspired Dan to create designs that would allow this concept of color to become a reality, which has become what Cromatti is today. The intention is to provide a pallet of self-expression to us folks, and to create furniture that is as unique as our personality.

What really happens on their page is that you pick your style of furniture, then pick a color for the top and then the base, and viola! You are done! It’s a truly great interactive experience; one that you should try asap here.

Alan Rauta, co-founder and COO, says that Cromatti was founded because of the team’s passion for design. In his words, “There are many of us with great ideas and sometimes we are too afraid to take a risk. Thankfully we live in a time where technology can create a positive impact in our daily lives. Technology has played a significant role in our research, sourcing and establishing practices; all the tools are out there. It’s just a matter on knowing what to do with them.” We agree!

Designers: Cromatti [ Buy it Here ]

Vera Bar Stool

The Vera Bar Stool transforms your space with the simplistic versatility. A variety of colors and fabric options to fit your room design are available online. Choice of Sudden Fabric or Angelina Leather, and of course Made in California, USA!

Enzo Cocktail Table

A very playful design is reflected in this colorful cocktail table. Comprised of hand-welded metal in your choice of color and quality glass surface, the Enzo Occasional Table serves as an impressive and sturdy centerpiece.

Alessio Table

The versatile Alessio Table can be used independently or teamed with other Cromatti products. You can nest other Cromatti pieces like the Marciano Stool or Piazza Ottoman and a range of functional and visual uses. The table comes in your choice of color and surface to present a piece that is certain to garner attention and inspire creativity.

Armavi Table

Thanks to its C shape, the Armavi Table can nestle close to a bed or sofa, maximizing space without compromising any.

Luciano Table

The Luciano is an expansion of the Armavi table. Its ingenious C shape design provides generous surface space that fits snugly with other furniture pieces to maximize small spaces.

Massimo Bench

The Massimo Bench is a magnificent piece that can be customized in a range of finishes and fabrics.