This slim laptop sleeve doubles as a portable desk mat and wireless charger

Working from home might no longer be a buzzword these days, but sitting down anywhere with your laptop has always been a thing even before 2020. That is also why there will always be a thriving market for accessories that help make working anywhere more pleasant, even if you don’t have all the comforts and conveniences that your office or home desk may offer. But if you can’t be at your desk, why not bring your desk with you? That’s the proposition that this slim and minimalist laptop sleeve tries to make, allowing you to set up your personal working zone anywhere while also letting your phone and earbuds charge as you type your way to productivity.

Designer: Journey

No matter how durable laptops may be, you are undoubtedly tempting fate if you don’t put some protection around it before you stash it in your bag or carry it in your hand. That’s especially true for laptops with elegant covers and finishes that will undoubtedly get scratched one way or another. A laptop sleeve is a simple yet effective solution to that problem, but it serves no function other than to take up space once you’ve started using the laptop.

NEXA is a laptop sleeve that offers value beyond just protecting your laptop, although it also does that well with multiple layers of protection for those heart-stopping accidental drops and bumps. Even with that kind of durability, however, the sleeve remains slim and sleek, sporting a vegan leather outer skin that gives it a stylish character even when it’s doing nothing. You might even be tempted to just carry your laptop by hand instead of putting it inside your bag, just to flaunt the beautiful sleeve that holds it.

NEXA’s function, however, doesn’t stop there. Once the laptop is out of the sleeve, you can rest it on the table and put your laptop on it, transforming it into a stylish desk mat not unlike what you might have on your desk. Not only does it give added protection to your laptop’s bottom, it also helps demarcate your working area, which is especially useful in public spaces. And whether you’re at your desk or outside, you can still use the sleeve in some manner, functioning as a large mouse pad for buttery smooth movement.

That’s not the end of its bag of tricks, though. The flap discreetly hides two wireless chargers, a 15W MagSafe-compatible one for phones and a 5W charger for earbuds like the Apple AirPods. All of these features come at no expense to the product’s simple and lightweight design, making the NEXA laptop sleeve a dream for laptop users who always find themselves settling down in coffee shops and public places to get work done.