One Watch With Many Faces

Here is a neat idea that allows you to play with the different faces for a watch. The Watch oNe basically features an E-Ink display which is LED back lit, but its face is not constant, meaning you can change it at whim or fancy. Hook the watch up to the internet and download your kinda face to it. Designers have a choice to upload their creativity to the on-line store, for others to purchase. So the possibilities with this one watch are endless… mechanical, digital, classic, futuristic, complex…any type of face can be downloaded (via micro USB port) for use.

The physical watch can also be interchanged with different parts using a range of colors and materials. Constructed out of abs plastic, sapphire glass, stainless steel and fine leather; Watch oNe is going on sale in March 2011 for $350

Designer: Igor Chak