Significantly Bombata

Typically, laptop bags and briefcases are too “serious” and anonymous. Infusing fun, fashion and exclusive flair, the Bombata Collection marries designer Fabio Guidoni’s technical expertise with his fashion sensibilities. Armed with a technical – mechanical design degree, this fashion protégée brings in the swag to boring bags! Super Bombastic I tell ya!

Stylish, colorful and fun, Bombata bags have gained the reputation of being the perfect examples of clean and minimal lines that they go so perfectly with the ever-changing tech industry. Keeping up with the evolving trends, you are sure to find a bag that suits your needs. Yes, me too am trading my backpack for one of these beauties.

Designer: Fabio Guidoni [ Buy it Here ]


  • Adam Stevert says:

    Exciting range of bombata bags. I would love to buy!!!

  • DODO says:

    It is very nice, i like it. Is it women´s or can men also use it?

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