This new eco-friendly take on a traditional straight razor will transform your shaving experience!

I haven’t ever really had to deal with any facial shaving experiences, but watching the male figures in my life has made me realize what a tedious task it can be. However, London based Morrama has decided to tackle all your shaving woes with their Angle Razor Kit. Morrama’s Angle Razor Kit was created in an attempt to celebrate the ceremony of shaving, and to bring some magic back to it.

Straight razors are usually a professional barber’s first choice for a crisp clean shave, however, re-enacting that back at home can be a huge pain! Hence most men tend to go down the cartridge razor route. But did you know traditional straight razors with a single blade are better for your skin as compared to multiple blades? Running multiples blades over your sensitive facial skin can cause damage to the upper surface, encouraging skin irritation and in-grown hair. And so Morrama re-invented a 300-year-old design and brought it straight into the 21st century.

Crafted from milled aluminum and brass, the Angle Razor boasts a weighted handle ideal for creating a pivoted point between your thumb and forefinger, ensuring maximum control. Designed to bring the user as close to holding the razor as possible, the form of the paddle guarantees a precision trim or smooth clean cut. High performance and complete safety were at the top of Morrama’s priority list, hence the razor was designed to fit and balance perfectly in your hand. It also comes along with a complementing stand, to store it when not in use.

The Angle Razor is also eco-friendly! Recyclable and disposable (plastic-free) blades can be paired up with it, allowing you to abandon the usual disposable men’s razors. According to Morrama 2 billion of them are thrown away every year, and the economical replaceable razors are a much greener option! Comprising of 3 components, the razor comes with a detachable handle. You can easily unscrew the handle and slightly push back the head, to expose a slot to place the blade in. Within moments, your razor is ready for use, and with a bit of practice, Morrama promises you’ll never be able to go back to your previous shaving habits! Available in anodized black and silver, the minimalistic razor is a must-have in every man’s grooming kit, and also a boon to the environment!

Designer: Morrama

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